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disasm 1.6.5

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----------- AIONdisasm -----------

AIONdisasm supports XML (0x80), HTML (0x81) and "encrypted" .cfg files.

HTML and XML files are of course properly translated, and the output is
well formed XML - modulo occasional NC's bugs (see below).

Output files are always written using UTF-8 encoding, although in case of
HTML files you can keep UTF-16 using -r option.

Start AIONdisasm w/o parameters or with -h for help.

--- note about HTML files:

HTML files require proper filenames - they're used as key's seed. Initial path component
is stripped, if present.

You might find some HTML files that are not proper XMLs, for example:

<p><font font_xml="quest_summary">Order: The Manduri have become [blablabla ...]</p>

(this one from quest_q1032.html, v1.5.0.6)

This is not AIONdisasm's fault - it doesn't sanitize or interfere in HTML's content.

--- note about XML files:

All XML files are written as UTF-8, after proper translation. Following characters
are quoted using references:

< > ' " & CR LF HT VT 0

Formally 0 is invalid, but it's handled just in case. Other control character will cause
conversion to fail.

Non-null element values are guaranteed to have no whitespace around it, so there won't be
stuff like:

> value <

Otherwise the whitspace is used for presentation purposes.

--- note about CFG files:

Nothing interesting really :)

------------- AIONasm ------------

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