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Хз в нужном ли месте создаю я тему. Обещал каг бе давно, но ручки только дошли.
Пост с месагой где я писанулся предоставить инфу.
Пост с скрином перевода бабок.

Так вот, на просторах данного форума увидел ТЕМУ с услугами по дизайну лого, апдутеров и прочего., увидев работы исполнителя загорелся заказать у него для начала лого, ТС оказался не гражданином РФ(вроде как) что поднасыпало надежды на порядочность, ну думаю не будет как среднестатистический РУ фрилансер(коим сам являлся) и подойдет к выполнению заказа ответственно.
[14.07.2017 15:15:50] *** Пользователь PioneerNA хочет внести вас в свой список контактов Skype

Здравствуйте, Ave! Я хочу внести Вас в свой список контактов в Skype. ***
[14.07.2017 15:18:22] *** Пользователь PioneerNA хочет внести вас в свой список контактов Skype

Hello, how much will it cost to develop a logo for an l2 server? Sorry for English, I'm using Google translator. ***
[14.07.2017 15:22:19] Ave: Hello
You have two options:
  • 25 euro:
  • 40 euro:

[14.07.2017 15:38:45] PioneerNA:
Very cool! Now I will consult with the team. Do you design websites? If so, what are the prices
[14.07.2017 15:39:35] Ave: I do, but I don't have time to make new templates, sorry, so for now, I can find time only for logo - let me know which type You want: 25 euro OR 40 euro
[14.07.2017 15:43:56] PioneerNA: 40
[14.07.2017 15:44:24] Ave: what is Your server name?
[14.07.2017 15:44:28] Ave: do You have a website?
[14.07.2017 15:45:47] PioneerNA:
Web site is not now, we just start preparing the project, the domain will golem.su, well, the name of the server GOLEM
[14.07.2017 15:46:06] Ave: ok
[14.07.2017 15:46:08] Ave: GOLEM
[14.07.2017 15:46:17] Ave: any ideas or basic wishes for the style?
[14.07.2017 15:46:26] Ave: like stone GOLEM style?
[14.07.2017 15:46:52] Ave: or...something totally different?
[14.07.2017 15:50:06] PioneerNA:
No, not stone.
The desire that would be associated with the golem of l2
[14.07.2017 15:51:22] Ave: hmmm
[14.07.2017 15:51:24] Ave: ok
[14.07.2017 15:51:29] Ave: I can try to make something
[14.07.2017 15:53:26] Ave: but I will need 3-4 days to make it all done
[14.07.2017 15:53:29] Ave: with a proper quality
[14.07.2017 15:53:50] Ave: but i start to work only AFTER i get Your payment on my PayPal account
[14.07.2017 15:54:06] Ave: so I don't get screwed when i finish the job, and then You wont buy it
[14.07.2017 16:05:02] PioneerNA:
Do you work on prepayment? 50%? Or 100%?
[14.07.2017 16:07:02] Ave: If You want to go 50%, then You will have to send me 43 euro - to conver PayPal fee, which I will have to pay 2 times (because of first and second payment - 2 paypal fees). If You go 100%, then You send me 40 euro (because I will have to pay only one PayPal fee) - You can choose which pre-paid You want:
  • 50% - 23 euro first, 20 euro when all done = 43 euro,
  • 100% - 40 euro first = 40 euro.
[14.07.2017 16:19:56] Ave: do You understand? or should I exmplain it once again? :p
[14.07.2017 16:21:26] PioneerNA:
I understood everything, I expect a response from the team members, it is important for me to know what they will say, it will not take long.)))
[14.07.2017 16:21:43] Ave: oh, ok
[14.07.2017 16:21:46] Ave: no problem, sorry
[14.07.2017 16:21:56] Ave: take Your time, ofc
[14.07.2017 16:22:05] Ave: let me know when You have Your info
[14.07.2017 16:24:07] PioneerNA: (like)
[14.07.2017 18:36:38] PioneerNA:
We are ready to pay 100% prepayment, tell us where to pay
[14.07.2017 18:38:50] Ave: PayPal: ave20@o2.pl
[14.07.2017 18:38:58] Ave: I will need 3-4 days to make that logo
[14.07.2017 18:39:08] Ave: and I will be asking some questions here
[14.07.2017 18:41:33] PioneerNA:
Paid, of course
[14.07.2017 18:42:02] Ave: Do You plan to get modern website template, or more MMO-RPG style?
[14.07.2017 18:42:54] PioneerNA: We want something between modern and MMO
[14.07.2017 18:43:08] Ave: ok, so the logo cant be too crazy
[14.07.2017 18:43:28] PioneerNA: :D
[14.07.2017 18:44:23] Ave: do You think You will choose a website style before 3-4 days?
[14.07.2017 18:44:27] Ave: so i can see it
[14.07.2017 18:44:40] Ave: or do You want me to go ahead and make the logo as I think it should look like?
[14.07.2017 18:44:44] Ave: and I have free had?
[14.07.2017 18:48:28] PioneerNA:
I am very impressed with your logotypes, and we could push off the logo when creating the site, it's probably not quite right, but in the next 3 days the site is unlikely to be
[14.07.2017 18:53:43] Ave: so....do I have a free hand to create the logo for You, or should I wait to see the website template?
[14.07.2017 18:54:27] Ave: leave me a msg, I go afk
[14.07.2017 19:02:26] PioneerNA:
No, the site does not have to wait, we will start from the logo when creating the site and the whole style
[14.07.2017 22:35:13] Ave: I'm back
[14.07.2017 22:35:14] Ave: ok
[14.07.2017 22:35:28] Ave: then I will start to do the logo - I will need like 3-4 days, I will keep You updated
[14.07.2017 23:57:06] PioneerNA: Excellent
[14.07.2017 23:57:14] Ave: :)
[16.07.2017 16:15:15] PioneerNA:
Hi, how is the logo work?
[16.07.2017 16:18:52] Ave: Hello,
I will drop You a preview later today
[16.07.2017 16:18:55] Ave: it's good
[16.07.2017 16:19:04] Ave: but work still in progress
[16.07.2017 16:22:38] PioneerNA:
Ok, very good.)
[17.07.2017 21:23:31] PioneerNA:
Well, how are things there
[17.07.2017 23:08:07] PioneerNA: Today is the 4th day...
[17.07.2017 23:08:30] Ave: Yeah, I know, but You got the logo for 40 euro, it's not a moment to make it look good...
[17.07.2017 23:08:48] Ave: I'm doing my best not make a proper logo for You - I'm not playing around :)
[17.07.2017 23:09:05] Ave: I will domy best to finish it asap
[17.07.2017 23:09:09] Ave: I know it's 4th day
[17.07.2017 23:09:51] PioneerNA:
Just you promised to show the intermediate version yesterday)
[17.07.2017 23:10:41] Ave: Yes, but whats the point of showing not finished product - You can tell me "it sucks" when I know, I can finish it, and then show it to You so You will love it? :)
[17.07.2017 23:11:22] Ave: can You wait like +1 more day, ro do You want me to make a refound?
[17.07.2017 23:11:36] PioneerNA:
If so, then why talk about showing the work in the process?)
[17.07.2017 23:11:38] Ave: because it's one of the two ways - and I'm trying to be fair :)
[17.07.2017 23:12:07] Ave: because there is ALWAYS this part, then logo is almost done - when I know I can show it, without a fear that You wont like it
[17.07.2017 23:12:21] Ave: as a designer, I know my work - when I can show it, so You can judge it
[17.07.2017 23:12:43] Ave: because the best way to sell the product, it so to show the FINAL OR ALMOST DONE product...
[17.07.2017 23:12:53] Ave: then it makes the best sellout
[17.07.2017 23:13:18] PioneerNA:
I do not hurry you, but I ask only because it was said about showing the work, well, we are waiting.)))
[17.07.2017 23:13:46] Ave: good, and I will show it to You ASAP - I don't make shity work, believe me
[17.07.2017 23:14:00] Ave: and I will take care of it, so You will like it and use it
[17.07.2017 23:14:11] Ave: give me +1 day and I will show You the final product
[17.07.2017 23:15:30] PioneerNA: I tell you - I do not hurry you, one day so one day.) Then on Tuesday?
[17.07.2017 23:15:42] Ave: yeap
[17.07.2017 23:15:44] Ave: sounds good
[18.07.2017 22:22:39] PioneerNA:
Tuesday is coming to an end
[19.07.2017 18:23:42] PioneerNA: You did not forget about us there?
[21.07.2017 1:18:16] PioneerNA:
Dear, what kind of attitude is this? We'll see our logo at all? Or did you throw us?
[21.07.2017 1:56:58] Ave: Hello. Sorry for not beeing active lately - a lot of work, many clients in line. YES, I will deliver the logo. Today - I have time to finish the logo for You (finaly...). If I wont deliver, I will refound Your payment :) But today I will deliver You the logo ^^
Sorry once again, for not beeing active lately...I will pm Your later today, but first, I need to go to sleep :p
[21.07.2017 13:26:40] PioneerNA:
Ok. I'm waiting. Do you warn at least ...
[22.07.2017 0:01:38] PioneerNA:
Well, what is it?
[22.07.2017 0:02:03] Ave: Busy day, working on it :D
[22.07.2017 0:02:05] Ave: to finish :D :p
[22.07.2017 0:02:36] PioneerNA:
Already very funny, huh?)
[22.07.2017 0:02:56] Ave: it's not funny
[22.07.2017 0:03:13] Ave: You want the refound? :)
[22.07.2017 0:03:15] Ave: if yes
[22.07.2017 0:03:17] Ave: just tell me...
[22.07.2017 0:03:21] Ave: I will do it NOW
[22.07.2017 0:03:26] Ave: if You really want.....
[22.07.2017 0:03:42] PioneerNA: No, we are waiting.
[22.07.2017 0:03:59] Ave: ok :)
[22.07.2017 0:04:11] Ave: thank You
[22.07.2017 0:04:28] Ave: i know it's been longer then I previously told You
[22.07.2017 0:04:31] Ave: I know...
[22.07.2017 0:04:33] Ave: believe me
[22.07.2017 12:40:40] PioneerNA:
Well, what about the logo?
[23.07.2017 0:16:21] PioneerNA: аууу, ну ты чо там
[25.07.2017 14:59:01] PioneerNA:
July 14, you talked about 3-4 days, now 25, what's the matter?
[26.07.2017 14:16:10] PioneerNA:
Well, what is it? Will the result be?
[31.07.2017 17:32:14] PioneerNA:
Last time I ask, What's with the logo? I will be forced to leave feedback on your work at specialized forums.
[01.08.2017 23:12:51] PioneerNA: (headbang)
[03.08.2017 1:23:01] PioneerNA: I ask for the last time, the logo will be!?!?!? If within 24 hours I do not see the answer, we will be forced to take action.

Your irresponsibility goes all the way.
Господин АВЕ до сей поры игнорит, однако его тема апается, до последнего надеялся на порядочность сего персонажа (очень зашли примеры его работ), но выходит так что чувак бабос принял и слился.
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