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Прочее Autobots | The best Fake Player & Autofarm Engine 1.0

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Features Autobots
Автор: Elfocrash
  • Features Autobots
    • Full autobot control through an in game dashboard with amazing UX
      • Spawn/Despawn/Delete
      • Inspect a bot's inventory, status, skills and buffs
      • Customise the bot's combat and social preferences in game
        • Target radius
        • PvP aggression and preferences
      • Self sustain with potions that can be configured in game
      • Infinite buff replenishing
      • Infinite consumable replenishing
      • Ingame bot filtering
    • Persistent bots that are saved in the database and can be logged in where they logged out
    • Unique behaviour on each bot based on its class
      • Archers will kite
      • Spoilers will spoil and sweeper
      • Pet owners will have pets following or assisting them
    • Create an autobot in game
      • Name
      • Level
      • Class
      • Appearance
    • Create random Autobot
    • Bot chat control
      • You can see what the bot sees in the chat and you can do things like talk in general chat or shout chat and also use PMs
    • Bot clan control
      • Create a bot clan in game and change the members of the clan from the dashboard, including clan crests for remote locations
    • Full ingame bot control (movement, attack, skills, chat)
    • Automatic return to death area using gatekeepers

  • Features Autofarm

  • Fully automatic farming with targeting, attacking and self sustain logic

Новая функция: полный контроль над ботами

  • New feature: Full bot control
    • Movement
    • Chat
    • Skills
    • Action
    • Combat
    • PvP/PK (Ctrl button support)

Configurable skill preferences per class

Configurable Private Sell Store

Configurable Private Buy Store

Bots will now return to their death area after they respawn in town

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