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Fyyre's babblings...
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Disabling GameGuard in the L2 client is fairly trivial, since revision 746 (Interlude client).

core.dll exports ?GL2UseGameGuard@@3HA .. to put it simply, this toggles GameGuard on/off depending on whether or not
this dword is a 0 or 1 ... you can very easily import this function, and overwrite the default value of 1 in your own dll, or just
use a hex editor, like I do... and change the 01 to 00.

the next step involves engine.dll ... there's a non-exported function, called ExRestartClient (yes, its also a packet). You can
locate it by searching the strings for either GameGuard or ExRestartClient.. The sole purpose of ExRestartClient is to cause your
game to exit with the message "GameGuard Fail! Please restart Lineage II!", when GG is disabled. So in order to continue playing,
we need to ignore this function - the only thing that makes it slightly tricky, Themida.

The developer who added these two lines of code to engine.dll knew exactly what s/he was doing:

mov eax, 1

Why? I'll tell you:

because by doing so, allowed patching the Themida'd engine.dll ... ExRestartClient without any problems resulting from editing the what
would have normally otherwise turned into a soup of garbage opcodes, now valid x86 instructions - writing mov eax, 1 retn to the start
of ExRestartClient :-)

'..and? Your point?' - I you (the reader) are thinking.

Those two lines aren't present in engine.dll versions 744 and below. The first Revision 746 Korean client (thanks for the correction smeli :-)
is when they started using Themida. I draw my own conclusions from this observation. Or perhaps I'm reading too much into things.

Anyways... back to the point.

this screenshot -->> http://mfyyre.narod.ru/images/patching_engine.jpg

00371260 8EAF FAF616F2 MOV GS, WORD PTR DS:[EDI+F216F6FA] <<-- here (might be different depending on your engine, so just think -
what I'm saying is pretty straight forward...)

Open engine.dll with WinHex, and go to this offset (alt g) (yes hex... never decimal).

press shift end to select the whole line, and ctrl shift C to copy it as hex. now tab back into OllyDbg, and scroll up to the start
of ExRestartClient function... highlight the function start:

int 3
int 3
push ebp <<-- click once here, right click, view -> exe file .. now go to this offset in WinHex.
mov ebp, esp

...follow me? Okay, now ctrl B .. to write what we copied to this line. Ignore the 'files larger than 20MB message'. Exit from
OllyDbg, now save engine.dll in WinHex.

All done? Great! That's all there is to it.


This file is a brief DIY (Do-It-Yourself) to give those of you who play these other games hints on how to continue this process yourself...
if none of this makes any sense to you, and you want to disable anti-cheat for MMORPGs - I have three pieces of advise for you:

1). learn assembly language -->> http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/ & http://win32assembly.online.fr/tutorials.html

2). learn to use OllyDbg -->> OllyDbg v1.10

3). if you get stuck, google it. don't depend on others to answer/solve your questions - as you will not learn anything by doing this, google
and think of the solution until it makes you crazy - it may take some time, but every problem you solve, you are learning and what you learn
can be applied to future projects.

examples of disable anti-cheat:

note: for games using hackshield, after you patch the around its code, zero out any strings detailing hsupdate.exe, or ehsvc.dll.

disabling gameguard is the same across many game clients (even length of certain jxx, etc are the same, hehe). I suggest you start looking
at the trademark two calls to CreateProcessA

[removed the below, as is no longer current]

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